Using one of our HD CCTV systems the images are approximately  10 Times the quality of a traditional digital DVR system. Making Identifiing people in the picture much easier, even if they are not close to the camera you will obtain an image where you can identify the subject.

Cover a Bigger area = Less cameras

As using  1080P HD cameras gives you greater definition than a standard camera this allows more detailed images when used in a smaller  area eg a shop.  If covering a larger area eg a driveway or warehouse one HD camera will capture a much larger area using  fewer cameras.

Motion Detect = Easy to find events

With the system set to motion detect you can easily identify events as it only records when things are happening.  (No more looking through hours of footage to find the 2 minutes you need.)

BAD Quality? Or Great Quality?

When you need to use the images from your standard CCTV system to try and identify a person this is when you realise the quality is not so great. Looking in the paper you can see general footage from robberies of shops etc and the image quality makes it very hard to identify the person in the picture.

This is why…
Most systems installed over the last 10 years are recording at 704X576 pixels. In new money thats 0.4 of a megapixel
In 2008 and Iphone 3g has a camera that takes 2mp photos.
So thats why the quality is so bad…

Motion Detect…

One of the main problems of recording in HD is the size of the files. If your recording lots more details you need more storage, or be smart and only record what you need to.

If you think there is no point recording an empty shop all night, or a bar all day when your closed.
The use of intelligent motion detection is the answer.
For example if  you own a bar that is open from 11am to 11pm. In effect your closed Half of the day so by using motion detect you have already increased the recording time by 100%.

This  makes finding footage much quicker as only video with motion is recorded. For example.
If you left your car on the drive on Friday night then on Monday the window was broken, you would have to look through over 60 hours of footage to try and find what happened.
With the motion detect you would have several events, starting with you when you parked the car, a fox walking down the road, the milkman and hopefully the person breaking the window.

Away = Remote view

If you have broadband you can connect your recorder to the newwork and view it over the internet from anywhere in the world. (as long as you have 3g 4G or Wifi on your phone or device)
Or use it to keep an eye on a remote office or shop etc.

NOT Expensive…

Supply and install new HD system
9 Channel Recorder
2x 1080p Full HD Cameras
All installation / Setup  £599

Look through the local press. All the cctv footage is pretty bad… You’ve seen Crimewatch could you recognise your dad?

If your going to get CCTV get a good setup…